Review of Michael’s Passion

Title: Michael’s Passion
Author: Joel Crofoot
Publisher: N/A, 182pgs
Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance

A superb paranormal romance with a captivating story-an absolute must read!

When a series of circumstances bring the Archangel Michael and the demoness Jahi together, how will they react? Will they bring about their downfall or their salvation?

For starters, Michael’s Passion has everything you could want in a paranormal romance. Suitably exotic powerful beings, conflict, steamy love scenes and a satisfying ending. But it goes above and beyond that as well.

The plot is complex, interesting and at times edge of your seat nail-biting. The pace moves along quickly but is consistent and logical, a real page-turner. The backstories of the characters unfold throughout the story, driving the plot onward as well as adding a good deal to the characters themselves.

The main characters Michael and Jahi as well as the secondary angels and demons that populate this book are rich and well developed. They have strengths and good points, flaws and weaknesses, they are very real. The kind of characters you can identify with, have hopes for, worry about and celebrate with. Truly a high point of the book.

Michael’s Passion is a stellar love story and can be enjoyed as that and nothing more. But Crofoot has created something special, something extra. Without being at all preachy, the story can make people think about what is good and bad, right and wrong, about how the choices people make (or are forced to make) can impact their future lives, about compassion, second chances and redemption. And that might be the true beauty of this book.

Note: Contains swearing and mature love scenes. Honestly, I think the story is good enough that you could just skim those bits if it’s not your thing and still enjoy it.

*First in a series, can be read as a standalone. I will certainly be checking out the rest of the series.*

Rating: 5/5 Carrots resize carrot


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