Review of Dog Days of Voodoo

Title: Dog Days of Voodoo
Author: G.A. Chase
Publisher: Bayou Moon Press, 250pgs
Genre: Mystery, Paranormal Mystery

A mystery set in New Orleans with Mardi Gras as the backdrop, where two investigators must deal with an old voodoo curse and their growing feelings for each other, all while untangling a century old web of lies and trying to solve a murder.

I picked this up based on the cover, thinking it would be a lighthearted cozy mystery. Although it had some elements of a cozy, it was a little too dark and racy in my opinion to truly be considered one. With that said, it was still a pretty good story.

Both main characters (Kendell and Myles) are interesting, different and quirky and their personalities develop more throughout the story. I found the supporting characters to be not quite as well developed but that may have been because there were quite a lot of them. I think I would have preferred having a few less with more involvement.

The plot was good overall, but had many threads to it, some of which were rather complex. It delved into family histories, cursed objects and the potential energy they have, a murder, a dognapping, a lot of research… In the end, it all came together reasonably well and had a decent resolution of sorts. But there were times in the narrative where I would have liked more explanation and clarity and a bit of a crisper delivery of information.

The setting was one of the best parts of the book. Too often a book has a generic setting. Dog Days of Voodoo isn’t one of them. It’s set in New Orleans and that plays heavily into the plot and the characters’ actions. You feel like you’re in New Orleans throughout the book and I appreciated that aspect of it.

While this can be read on its own to a satisfyingly complete conclusion there were some aspects at the end that leads me to believe the next book in the series will have a continuation of part of the plot from this one. This was a sufficiently good read and has me well enough invested that I do plan to read that next book.

Rating: 3/5 Carrots resize carrot

Thanks to NetGalley for my copy of this book.


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