Review of True Colors

Title: True Colors (True Love, Book Two)
Author: Anyta Sunday
Publisher: N/A, 226pgs
Genre: Romance, M/M Romance

Can former best friends Marco and Oskar move past the pain and misunderstanding that ended their friendship and perhaps find something deeper as well?

The word I keep coming back to after finishing this book and thinking about my review is inconsistent. There were parts of this that were very good and I thoroughly enjoyed. There were other parts that weren’t very good at all.

I liked the overriding concept of the book. Moving past tragedy and adversity, learning to accept yourself for who you are and see yourself as beautiful and worthy and I thought the author did very well exploring these concepts. Some of the dialogue was quite inspired and the intimate exchanges between the two gave off a real feel of love and passion.

For the most part I very much liked the cast of secondary characters. I felt they were well developed, added to the story and helped drive the plot forward. As for the two main characters, overall I liked them but at times they (particularly Marco) seemed very immature, much younger than the 20 years old they were supposed to be. On the flip side, I think Marco’s insecurities about his scars was very well explored.

While the setting is Berlin, there was nothing much that indicated that, seemingly it could have been set anywhere. It did make me think that perhaps the author was German, which would have explained a lot of the strange phrasing and odd word choices in the book. They were frequent enough to be a little distracting.

At times the plot seemed a little forced. With that said, the last few chapters were simply lovely. They seemed genuine, heartfelt, emotional and went a long way towards saving this book for me and making me think it was worth the read. Based on the strength of that, I would likely read something else by this author.

Rating: 3/5 Carrots resize carrot

*Mature Content (18+), Sexual Situations, M/M Romance*
Thanks to NetGalley for my copy of this book.


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