Review of Attack of the Lesbian Farmers

Title: Attack of the Lesbian Farmers
Author: J.B. Trepagnier
Publisher: N/A, 14pgs
Genre: Satire, Political Satire

Until reading this brilliantly crafted little story I was blissfully unaware that Rush Limbaugh believes that lesbian farmers are infiltrating rural America as part of some diabolical plot.

If like me, you just said “Surely not! Not even Rush would say that!”, Googled it and are currently sitting open mouthed because -oh yes, he did- you must read this story!
If you are sitting in your fortified prepper compound prepared to stave off the lesbian revolution you totally must read this story. It will help you avoid some important pitfalls.

There was a time when authors used the written word to push forward new ideas and ideals, when authors like Austen, Dickens, Swift and Orwell held sway with social and political commentary and helped influence the opinions of generations while still managing to entertain.

Trepagnier’s work is a little Animal Farm-esque in the sense that you can read it on the most basic of levels, enjoy the dry wit and humor contained within and still absorb the underlying message. But you can also choose to read it on a deeper level and lose yourself in the nuanced layers of subtle satire and double meanings. A perfect example (without giving anything away) would be the final page of the story, Farmer Jeb is doing something for one of his cows. If you recognize it, I’m sure you’ll appreciate it. If you are unfamiliar with it, take a moment to look it up, you won’t be disappointed.

A pleasure to read. This was my first taste of Trepagnier’s work but if it’s any indication of her talent I definitely plan to check out some of her longer works.

Rating: 5/5 Carrots resize carrot


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