Review of Murder in White Lace

Title: Murder in White Lace (Bridal Shop Mystery, Book 1)
Author: Karen Sue Walker
Publisher: N/A, 192pgs
Genre: Mystery, Cozy Mystery

When Max’s best friend is accused of the murder of a client who collapsed in the bridal shop where she works she sets out to find the true killer.

The book was well written and had a lot of the elements of a good cozy; a laundry list of suspects, red herrings, a quirky cast of supporting characters and an engaging amateur sleuth. I did enjoy reading it and trying to solve the murder alongside Max.

This is the first in the series as well as the author’s debut novel and at times it seems a bit overly ambitious. There’s a lot of world building describing the locale, Max’s past and current situation, the shop where she works. Then there’s a huge cast of supporting characters (both suspects and non-suspects) and their backstories, current situations, relationships to Max… taken individually they are all great and well written. Taken all together the mystery and main character sometimes seem a little overshadowed by everything else going on.

Don’t get me wrong though. Walker has created a complete world for the characters to exist in as well as one of the more entertaining and well developed set of supporting characters I’ve seen in a cozy in a while. I just wished at times that the focus had been a little more on the murder at hand. I suspect that in future books of the series it will be and I would certainly read another if Max forays into the world of sleuthing again.

Overall it was an enjoyable read with a lot of potential for the series.

Rating: 3.5/5 Carrots Carrot

Thanks to NetGalley for my copy of this book.


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