Quick Reviews

Title: It’s in His Kiss (Brew Ha-Ha, 0.5)
Author: Caitie Quinn
Publisher: QPub Books, 42pgs
Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance

This short story is getting a two carrot “okay” rating from me because I did enjoy the author’s humor (witty, sarcastic) and writing style which was breezy, light and easy to get into. Stylistically, this was my type of book.

Unfortunately I did not particularly like any of the characters or the plot. Shy awkward girl (Jenna) with mean yet amazingly gorgeous friend (Lisbeth) meets snarky, rude, yet awesomely good looking guy (Ben). Speaking of which, there were far too many mentions of how wonderful looking they were for a 42pg story. I wanted Jenna to stand up for herself more, I wanted Ben to stop being such a total jerk earlier on, I wanted Lisbeth to get her comeuppance. The story was too short for any of this to really happen.

The result of not liking the characters meant that I didn’t especially care what happened at the end and I was left feeling vaguely dissatisfied. More so because there were good elements to this story with the writing and humor, it just failed to grab me.

Rating: 2/5 Carrots

Title: Unbound Desires in Seattle (Unbound Desires-Adventures Book 1)
Felicia Tatum
Publisher: ?, 34pgs
Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

I won’t give this short story a rating as I don’t think it would be fair. I will say that I wish that anywhere on either the Goodreads or Amazon page it mentioned that it follows characters (and presumably plot points) from the author’s White Aura series (a fact I only know now from reading reviews here).

Without having read that series, I felt confused as though I was thrust into the middle of a story with characters and traits that I should have known but didn’t. I’m guessing the world building occurred in the White Aura series which would have made everything in this story make more sense.

As it was, I didn’t enjoy this at all. That said, the writing style and plot seemed okay. I might check out the White Aura series. And I suspect that readers familiar with that series would probably have liked this a lot more than I did.


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